In just 2023, we have..

Refurbished 450+ Devices

Thanks to our in-house master technicians, we were able to refurbish over 450 devices in just 2023 alone.

Repaired over 4,000 devices in total

These weren't just any ordinary repairs too. We refurbished and reused thousands of old parts to be used on these repairs to create a more sustainable environment for all.

Recycled 3.5+ Tonnes of Spare Parts

The parts that are damaged beyond repair or reuse are then sent by us for recycling purposes. In 2023, we recycled over 3.5 tonnes of metal scrap parts and electronic components.

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  • Evrim Taskiran


  • Onur Yuksekol


  • Fabien Lemaire

    Operations Manager

  • Filip Galetic


  • Gilles Pringles


  • Osama Shahid

    Marketing Associate

  • Chaimaa Ramzaoui

    Marketing Associate

  • Jithu Giverghese

    Operations Associate

  • Melis Tanis

    CRM Associate

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